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27.05.10 Finished new Vj clip:
Description: Name of new Vj clip is "Mystical Myth 2010" (OST).
Its a secondary professional work of VJ h@mmeR'a и Emphasis (DJ Zaza).

Enter the pressroom
Новости & События

DJ's & VJ's Battle 2008. Битва Диджеев и Виджеев с Запорожья, Киева и Днепра
Фото и видео отчет с Первого международного феста Projector 2007 (Россия, Казань)
Wourld technical support
"Альтернатива" - проф.группа, занимающаяся организацией крупных фестивалеи и грандиозных концертов на территории Украины.

Профессиональный свет, звук, крупное видео аудио оборудование ведущих производителей для качественных Шоу.

Grand OPENING of site 20 may 2008!

Welcome friends and nightclubbers...

20.05.2008 - Grand Opening

10.06.2008 - Rebuild and adds new fotopost from "Battle DJs and VJs"

13.06.2008 - Add First and Second parts exlusive fotos (slideshow), 300-600 metres above Kharkov city with name "AiR Paparazzi"

23.06.2008 - Add new vj clip Child of War - social clip at HardStyle style

01.09.2008 - Residence of Turbiyon nightclub and Shaetue Club at famous and loud partys of Ukraine

13.12.2008 - Opening Trance Euphoria Session festival, which is official Pre-Party of Creamfield festival and official party's headliner and special guest Johan Gielen. Unique VJ show!

03.02.2009 - Add video report from Pre-Party Creamfield festival. Unique VJ show! for Johan Gielen set.

01.03.2009 - VJ set at Taganrog (Russia) as VJ and video headliner. Exlusive VJ show! and exlusive DJ set by Roman Salzger (Germany) for NEO nightclub.

20.06.2009 - Ukraine, Kharkov, firs Big Open Air "Paper Fest'09". Was made Live VJing и special video intro's for this festival. Exlusive VJ show! and videoperformance for Big Open Air PAPER Fest'09

25.07.2009 - World tour and concerts with best voice and singer ARAY, creation and making full video program, include style and elements of Live VJing. You may view Video reports at official page of ARAY, here:

27.08.2009 - First proffesional VJ clip at VJ styly, at new project "Envisions Beyond" with producer and dj Emphasis (aka DJ Zaza). Name of clip by "Delusion'09", and its would 3 places in list american music channels (Miami, Los Angeles,etc.).

20.06.2009 - Work and official presentation of VJ h@mmeR! as Vj from Amsterdam label and Recording company "InDeep'n'Dance" -, and work with Rotterdam's labels.

25.05.2010 - Second full mystical vj clip "Mystic Myth 2010" at the project "Envisions beyond" with producer and dj Emphasis together.

P.S.: Now You can download all videos, vj sets and video reports from here, page "DOWNLOAD".
Будущие мероприятия:

По многочисленым позитивным отзывам о первом Open Air "PAPER Fest'e '09", по слухам от организации феста, ожидается уже в этом году проведения второго Феста, который на порядок будет лучше и выше первого :))
Учтены все минуса проведённого мероприятия, и организаторы примут все меры что б Фестиваль был на высоком уровне!
И спасибо им от меня лично за такую Эйфорию!!!

For vj art, VJing, work at festivals, booking, vj support and some video creative ideas, please send letters to email:
Our technical friends - Pioneer DJ PRO
We welcome our friends from Pioneer Pro DJ.
Our Innovation friends from Pioneer Pro DJ propose new ideas, DVJ concepts and new technology for music and video spheres.
VJ h@mmeR! would be official tester of first Pioneer video mixer - SVM-1000 at Moscow with full support Pioneer DJ Pro

Night Kharkov

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